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March Madness 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This is a crazy busy day for Iowa sports, between NCAA Tournament action for the men's and women's basketball teams and the quarterfinals and semifinals at the NCAA Tournament for the wrestlers, but there's also plenty of non-Iowa hoops action to take in, too, if that's your bag.  Friday's "early" slate has our in-state compadres, UNI, taking the floor for the first time in the tourney.  It's also got one of the most popular upset picks of the round: Buffalo vs West Virginia.  Michigan State-Georgia is a close battle in seeds (7v10), but not many seem to think it will be close in practice.

The "late" games have a tasty-looking Wichita State-Indiana game, plus maaaybe some upset potential with Louisville-UC Irvine and Maryland-Valpo?  (There's also Virginia-Belmont, if you like watching the basketball equivalent of a boa constrictor do its thing.)

Here's your schedule (all times CT):

#2 Kansas VS #15 New Mexico State CBS 11:15 AM
#7 Michigan State VS #10 Georgia truTV 11:40 AM
#5 UNI VS #12 Wyoming TBS 12:40 PM
#5 West Virginia VS #12 Buffalo TNT 1:10 PM
#7 Wichita State VS #10 Indiana CBS 1:45 PM
#2 Virginia VS #15 Belmont truTV 2:10 PM
#4 Louisville VS #13 UC Irvine TBS 3:10 PM
#4 Maryland VS #13 Valparaiso TNT 3:40 PM

If you're not near a TV, you can stream the games through March Madness Live.

The usual rules apply.