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Hey, you try playing music with a smile on your face after watching Wisconsin annihilate your team.

CBS, Vine

If you watched Sunday's Wisconsin-Ohio State game to its bitter, lopsided end, you likely saw this forlorn band member during the postgame report:

You can make her play the cymbals after a 24-point loss, but you're not going to get the enthusiasm.

As it turns out, this band member is Katie Hosler, who saw the Vine on Twitter and graciously allowed us to ask a few questions, which you can read below.

BHGP: So, what year are you, major if you have one yet, and how long have you been in TBDBITL?

KH: I'm a sophomore, Speech and Hearing Science major. I'm not actually in the official TBDBITL, but in Athletic Band. It's the smaller pep band that does everything from men's basketball to women's gymnastic meets. I've been in it for 2 years as well. I've tried out for TBDBITL this past summer and came really close to making it. I plan on fulfilling that dream this coming summer

BHGP: So the video—were you genuinely upset about the game or did the camera just catch you at a bad moment?

KH: I was upset about the game. It was the last home game of the season, and also the first home game we had lost. And I think it was also a bad moment as well. Sort of a combo of the both.

[Editor's note: not quite the first home loss for OSU. Go Iowa Awesome.]

BHGP: Was your phone just blowing up immediately, people like "oh my god you were on TV"?

KH: A little bit. I've been on TV before with all the basketball games, but never focused for that long before, like last night. The phone blowing up didn't happen until today, when a friend of a friend found your vine and showed me.

BHGP: I assume you all get to go to Chicago and wherever OSU goes to the NCAA tournament?

KH: All but cymbals and tenors, unfortunately :/ they have a drumset that goes, which kinda takes over my purpose. But the rest of the men's athletic band gets to travel with the team, yes.

BHGP: That's bogus! Equal rights for cymbals and tenors.

KH: Right?! That's what I believe. I was really pumped to go to Chicago, and bummed to learn I couldn't go. So last night's game was my last men's b-ball game for the entire year as well.

BHGP: Bruuuutal. Okay, we can't end on that. What's your happiest moment from this season?

KH: Hmm. The games haven't been too intense this year, but we did go to a wrestling match. That was a surprising amount of fun.

Again, thanks and best wishes to Katie, who was a good sport for having a rotten moment turned into a close-up for a nationally broadcast sporting event.