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KIRK FERENTZ SHUFFLED COACHING RESPONSIBILITIES LAST WEEK. No coaches were fired but some responsibilities changed. The most interesting, the title of "run game coordinator" given to offensive line coach Brian Ferentz. Kirk Ferentz retained offensive coordinator Greg Davis and Brian's title isn't co-coordinator despite "coordinating" half of the offense. This move has confused some Hawk fans while others find it troubling.

We reached out for some instant fan reaction from around Hawkeye Nation. Confusion is apparent.

One Hawkeye fan, Ben, says he's concerned Iowa didn't part ways with Davis. After replacing offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe in 2012, the Iowa offense has often struggled. Davis has been the target of much criticism and some think the problems with the Iowa program lay at the feet of the 40 year coaching veteran from Texas.

"Before, when Iowa went three-and-out, it was obvious the problem was Davis," said Ben. "Now, if Iowa runs a stretch run play for two yards and then throws a pass short of the sticks on third down, who do you blame? Is it Brian? Davis? I....I just don't know."

BigHawk72 on Twitter says, "Obviously the rumors of Brian calling plays last year were true. The run plays like against Illinois. If Iowa runs every play they'll win because obviously Brian is a better coach than Davis. Also, I'd bet Brian calls the long pass plays too. Davis just calls three yard outs."

Perhaps, Iowa's performance rushing the ball under Davis sparked the change. Iowa hasn't produced a 1,000 yard rusher since Marcus Coker in 2011. O'Keefe's last season as coordinator. Fans welcome a change in the run game but is this the right move?

"Brian is still too young and inexperienced. He's just getting the promotion because of his last name," says Hawkeye fan Terrance. "If Kirk would let Davis call his game and upgrade the speed at the skill positions like Davis wants, he'd do okay."

Clearly, this situation will have to play itself out and Iowa fans will have 12 games next season to figure out which coordinator they hate the most. "They might as well fire everybody," said Terrance. That may be true.