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Jarrod Uthoff led a monstrous offensive effort as Iowa cruised in its final tuneup for Thursday's ISU trip.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

How quickly was the Iowa-WIU game over? Iowa hit 30 points before the Leathernecks could crack double digits.

The game was never competitive after that, not even remotely—WIU briefly got it back to a 14-point deficit late in the first half, which, yeah—and Iowa posted an easy 90-56 victory. It was an impressive show of force as Iowa gets set to face No. 4 Iowa State in Ames on Thursday.

Jarrod Uthoff posted a career-high 27 points on 10/16 shooting, and he could have been far less sporting about it; Iowa's star forward had 24 of those points by halftime. And once again, Iowa's dual-PG approach worked out brilliantly, as Mike Gesell and Anthony Clemmons combined for 13 assists on the day, ably setting up Uthoff and Adam Woodbury against a hapless defense.

Indeed, Iowa's mismatches were on the interior, as Uthoff, Woodbury and Dominique Uhl combined to go 18-for-30 from the field and 10-for-11 at the line. Uhl and Ellingson were once again Iowa's primary reserves, and Uhl finished with an easy 15 points and effective inside-out defense on the night.

Despite Uthoff's dominance and the dual point guards' brilliance, if we had to pick one highlight it's this in a walk: ADAM WOODBURY ONE-MAN FAST BREAK DUNK:

Yes, it was that kind of night.

Oh, and this WIU team beat Wisconsin. Maybe the Big Ten isn't going to be blood and spiders this year after all. Maybe.