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A look at the best signs from College Gameday and a general recap of wha happened.

VIA @KatieJo512
VIA @KatieJo512

Doubt they do a head count when the fans set up behind ESPN's College Gameday stage but it felt like it was at least 75% Iowa fans in Indianapolis. Here's a look at some of the best signs:

Supposedly multiple bars ran out of beer last night due to the invasion of Iowa fans. That guy had probably been partying since last night.

Seems promising.


Yeah, that guy should probably be talking to his kids about going to the Birmingham Bowl at this point.

Iowa Nice.

Sounds like a classy lady.

The worst state and the worst person together in one photo!

Here's a couple of compilations I Tweeted out:


Eventually, you heard the name Greenwood and you knew that time was going to be dedicated to one of the best stories of 2015. If you missed it you absolutely, positively, MUST WATCH this video. Seeing Kirk break down like

Right in the feels.

Apparently, Joey Logano was going to be the celebrity guest picker but wasn't available due to the fog so they went with Dallas Clark. Why Logano in the first place? He has no connection to either school and didn't even win the Brickyard? Anyway, Clark didn't even try to come off as a neutral observer:

When it finally came time to pick the Iowa game it didn't come as any surprise that noted troll David Pollack went with Michigan State. As did noted orange Kirk Herbstreit (he looks like an orange). Desmond Howard and Dallas Clark were the only ones carrying the banner for the Hawkeyes as Corso, who picked against the Spartans three times earlier this season finally gave in and put on the helmet. Dallas Clark had an appropriate response:

If you saw some other lines you liked please post them. Go Hawks.