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Once again, we are pre-empting WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE for more specialized content. Well, kinda. You'll see.

Well, well, well. After a season of what roughly 90% of our commenters have perceived as gross disrespect from ESPN, the Worldwide Leader has tabbed Indianapolis as its final destination of the season for College GameDay, celebrating Iowa's date with Michigan State in what's effectively a play-in game for the College Football Playoff. The stage is ours, BHGPers.

Now, we don't want you folks to get kicked out of GameDay before it even starts, so a quick reminder on sign protocol: they can cut deep, but nothing obscene or gross. Think more TV-PG than TV-14; more Simpsons than Family Guy. So if you don't have any good suggestions, here are a few of our own.

Leonidas sign

I Did My 30 Days

East Lansing Isn't Real

Winning The B1G East

Meek Mill

Mark D'Antonio

Sparty What Are Those

Okay, we couldn't resist on the last one. Old habits and all.

Now it's your turn if you have more ideas. I hate that I have to say this, but nothing stridently racist or sexist, please. We're trying to get things on ESPN, not impress each other with how disaffectedly offensive we can be. That's for SEC fans.