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Iowa cruises to a lead after Day One at Midlands.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Midlands Championships

Date: Wednesday, December 30
Time: Session III (12 PM CT) | Session IV (8 PM CT)
Location: Welsh-Ryan Arena
TV/Streaming: BTN2Go (all sessions); BTN (Session IV only -- 8 PM CT Wednesday)
Radio: Hawkeye Radio Network (free); Hawkeye All-Access ($)
Twitter: @IowaWRLive@IAWrestle
Tickets: n/a
Bracket: Post-Session-II bracket available here

Iowa ran out to a big lead after Day One at the 2015 Midlands Championships, placing seven wrestlers in the semifinals and opening up an 18-point lead on the second-place team, Nebraska. The team result wasn't in much doubt going into the event -- Iowa had the best team on paper by far -- and results on Thursday did nothing to alter that. Here's a rundown of the Iowa results on Thursday.


1) Iowa -- 96
2) Nebraska -- 78
3) Rutgers -- 56.5
4) NC State -- 49.5
5) Northwestern -- 42.5


Thomas Gilman
Round One: BYE
Round Two: Gilman MAJ DEC (19-6) UN Shakur Laney (Ohio)
Quarterfinals: Gilman FALL (2:53) #8 Kegan Calkins (Oregon State)


Cory Clark
Round One: BYE
Round Two: Clark FALL (1:48) UN Nicolas Colunga (North Dakota State)
Round Three: Clark TECH FALL (18-0) UN Jacob Colon (Grand View)
Quarterfinals: Clark DEC (7-1) UN Angelo Amenta (Columbia)


Topher Carton
Round One: Carton TECH FALL (21-6) UN Colton McCrystal (Nebraska)
Round Two: Carton WINS VIA MEDICAL FORFEIT #10 Jameson Oster (Northwestern)
Round Three: #7 Steve Bleise (Northern Illinois DEC (8-4) Carton
Consolation: Carton DEC (8-7) UN Vince Turk (Iowa-unattached)
Consolation: UN Seth Gross (South Dakota State) DEC (7-2) Carton

Vince Turk
Round One: #3 Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) TECH FALL (20-5) Turk
Consolation: Turk DEC (5-3) Matthew Adcock (Wisconsin-unattached)
Consolation: Turk MAJ DEC (11-3) Will Clark (North Carolina)
Consolation: Turk WINS VIA MED FORFEIT #13 Ian Nickell (CSU Bakersfield)
Consolation: UN Topher Carton (Iowa) DEC (8-7) Turk

Paul Glynn
Round One: Glynn DC (6-2) UN Brandon Lapi (Buffalo)
Round Two: UN Gabe Grahek (Wisconsin) DEC (3-0) Glynn
Consolation: UN Jack Mutchnik (American) DEC (4-1) Glynn


Brandon Sorensen
Round One: Sorensen FALL (4:07) UN Jake Deangelo (NC State)
Round Two: Sorensen TECH FALL (17-1) UN Jason Bing (Franklin & Marshall)
Round Three: Sorensen DEC (6-0) UN Josh Maruca (Arizona State-unattached)
Quarterfinals: Sorensen DEC (9-5) #8 Ken Theobald (Rutgers-unattached)

Michael Kemerer
Round One: Kemerer TECH FALL (18-3) #11 Clayton Ream (North Dakota State)
Round Two: Kemerer MAJ DEC (11-3) UN Cullen Cummings (Ohio)
Round Three: Kemerer DEC (8-3) #6 Matthew Kraus (Arizona State)
Quarterfinals: #3 Alexander Richardson (Old Dominion) DEC (11-9) Kemerer


Edwin Cooper, Jr.
Round One: Cooper MAJ DEC (16-4) UN Logan Peterson (South Dakota State)
Round Two: Cooper DEC (7-1) UN Doug Welch (Purdue)
Round Three: Cooper DEC (3-2) #10 John Van Brill (Rutgers)
Quarterfinals: #2 Thomas Gantt MAJ DEC (17-6) Cooper


Patrick Rhoads
Round One: BYE
Round Two: Rhoads DEC (3-2) Joe Brewster (South Dakota State)
Round Three: Rhoads DEC (6-5) Tyler Rill (Buffalo)
Quarterfinals: #4 Tanner Weatherman FALL (0:46) Rhoads


Alex Meyer
Round One: Meyer MAJ DEC (11-1) UN Drew Foster (UNI)
Round Two: Meyer DEC (3-2) UN Jason Grimes (American)
Quarterfinals: Meyer DEC (3-1) #9 Phil Bakuckas (Rutgers)


Sammy Brooks
Round One: Brooks TECH FALL (20-4) UN Derek Hillman (Eastern Michigan)
Round Two: Brooks MAJ DEC (17-5) UN Drew Pestano (Iowa State)
Round Three: Brooks DEC (9-4) UN Ben Schwery (South Dakota State)
Quarterfinals: Brooks DEC (5-2) #5 Hayden Zillmer (North Dakota State)

Cash Wilcke
Round One: BYE
Round Two: #10 Cody Caldwell (UNI) DEC (6-3) Wilcke
Consolation: BYE
Consolation: Wilcke DEC (2-1) UN Josh Casperson (South Dakota State)
Consolation: UN Ben Schwery (South Dakota State) DEC (3-0) Wilcke


Nathan Burak
Round One: Burak TECH FALL (19-4) UN Nate Hall (Ohio)
Round Two: Burak MAJ DEC (16-3) UN Marcus Harrington (Iowa State)
Quarterfinals: Burak DEC (8-2) #8 Michael Boykin (NC State)

Steven Holloway
Round One: #3 Nate Rotert (South Dakota State) DEC (11-9) Holloway
Consolation: Holloway DEC (8-5) UN Logan Paxton (North Dakota State)
Consolation: #13 Ryan Wolfe DEC (10-4) Holloway


Sam Stoll
Round One: BYE
Round Two: Stoll DEC (4-1) UN Chace Eskam (Arizona State)
Round Three: Stoll DEC (6-3) UN Brock Horwath (Wisconsin)
Quarterfinals: Stoll DEC (2-0) #5 Billy Smith (Rutgers)

Championship Bracket
125: #1 Thomas Gilman vs #5 Josh Rodriguez (North Dakota State)
133: #1 Cory Clark vs #13 Emilio Saavedra (Old Dominion)
149: #1 Brandon Sorensen vs #4 Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)
174: #1 Alex Meyer vs #4 Cody Walters (Ohio)
184: #4 Sammy Brooks vs #1 David Taylor
197: #1 Nathan Burak vs #5 Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska)
285: #4 Sam Stoll vs #1 Nick Gwiazdowski (NC State)

All five of Iowa's #1-ranked wrestlers made the semifinals -- and all five will be favored to advance to the finals, although Alex Meyer may need to wrestle a bit better than he did on Tuesday (he won two of his three matches via narrow decisions).  Sorensen and Burak will get interesting tests against solid opponents from Nebraska.

The most intriguing match-up of the semifinals is probably Sammy Brooks' showdown with David Taylor at 184.  Taylor doesn't appear to have missed a beat in his return to folkstyle, even up two weights from his time at Penn State -- his three wins so far have included a pin and two 15-0 technical falls.  He's still really damn good.

The other interesting match-up among Iowa's semifinals is young Sam Stoll getting a chance to take on the main man at heavyweight, two-time NCAA champion Nick Gwiazdowski.  As a legend once said, to be the man you gotta beat the man...

Consolation Bracket

149: UN Michael Kemerer vs #12 Joey Delgado (Oregon State)
157: #7 Edwin Cooper, Jr vs #8 Richie Lewis (Rutgers)
165: UN Patrick Rhoads vs Austin Reese (Ohio)

Feel free to post results in the comments -- as was the case yesterday, I won't be able to do so.

Go Hawks.