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Better late than something something.

One of the things that definitely fell by the wayside during TWELVE AND OH?  Providing regular updates on the BHGP Pick 'Em contest.  Mea culpa.  Next year I'm going to enlist some help to handle the weekly update portion of the Pick 'Em contest.  In any event, when the dust settled and the scores from both Pick 'Em groups were counted up, we had... TWO winners.  Boschee4Three and EnergizerHawk both tied for the top spot with 182 correct picks.  Well done, gentlemen.  Your picking prowess is the envy of us all.

You can see the Top 50 (and ties) below.

BHGP 2015 Pick Em - final

The full final standings can be found here.

But, hey, we're not done picking college football winners just yet.  It's bowl season!  And here's the info for the bowl pick 'em contest.  We're going through ESPN this time instead of Yahoo because there are things about Yahoo's setup I don't like.  Anyway.

The game homepage is here: Capital One Bowl Mania
The group is: BHGP Bowl Pick 'Em
The password is: hawkeyes

Bowl games start on SATURDAY so get your picks in.  We are using CONFIDENCE POINTS (1-42) so be sure to account for that when making your picks.  The higher the number of confidence points, the MORE confident you are in a pick.  The lower the number of confidence points, THE LESS confident you are in a pick.  You will be able to revise your picks (and confidence point assignments) up until kickoff for a particular game.  Once the game kicks off, you are locked into your chosen winner and confidence point assignment.  So if you put 42 points on Alcorn State to beat North Carolina A&T in the Celebration Bowl, you will not be able to put 42 points on any other game.

The winner of the the Bowl Pick 'Em will receive a fabulous and stylish BHGP shirt of his or her choosing.  Official contest rules are available here.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.