Looking for some Iowa City tips from regulars for the weekend

I'm coming into town this weekend. I'm bringing my 11-year old son and we're hitting the trifecta, going to the bball game Friday night, the wrestling meet and of course the football game. I'm a U of I grad (class of '93), but, I'm almost embarrassed to say I haven't been back to campus for a game since the 2002 season. We're staying in Cedar Rapids and I do have to run up there between the wrestling and football to meet up with my Dad who is joining us only for the football game. I already have tickets for all three events so that's not an issue.

I guess I'm just looking for some general tips. What's basketball parking like? Are there buses to CHA if we park on campus? I want to show my son around Friday when we get to town and want to eat before the game. For Saturday is the train a good option? You park out by the mall in Coralville, right? Is the train running for wrestling or just for football? What about parking downtown Saturday afternoon, grabbing a bite somewhere, and walking over to Kinnick? My son, Dad and I are all healthy and fine with walking and even a couple miles wouldn't be a big deal. Any tips anyone can give to someone who hasn't spent time in IC in many, many years is appreciated.

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