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Football after dark.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Time for the night shift.  The Big Ten has not one, but two games, which is odd for November -- the times, they are a-changin'.  Both games hold intrigue for Iowa, particularly MSU-Nebraska.  While making the College Football Playoff is largely dependent on Iowa being able to run the table, making a New Year's Six bowl (and the Rose Bowl in particular) may instead be dependent on Iowa finishing ahead of Michigan State in the final committee rankings.  To that end, tacking more losses on MSU is desirable.  3-6 Nebraska is hardly the most likely team to add one of those losses to Michigan State's resume, but... you never know?  Maybe the cover of darkness provides an ideal setting for the return of the Blackshirts.

Outside the Big Ten, the 800-lb. gorilla of this evening is LSU-Alabama.  Both teams are ahead of Iowa in the rankings now and will likely remain that way if Alabama wins.  But if Alabama loses?  How far would they fall with two losses?  It would be fun to find out, so go Tigers. Navy-Memphis doesn't have a ton of Playoff intrigue, but it does feature two teams that are a combined 14-1 and should involve a fun clash of playing styles.  Meanwhile, Iowa State slew the Texas dragon last week -- can they slay the Oklahoma dragon this week?  Probably not.

Big Ten Games
6 PM
Michigan State at Nebraska (ESPN)

7 PM
Minnesota at Ohio State (ABC)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
6 PM
Navy at Memphis (ESPN2)
Iowa State at Oklahoma (ESPNU)

6:30 PM
Utah at Washington (FOX)
Auburn at Texas A&M (SEC Network)
UCF at East Carolina (CBS Sports)

7 PM
LSU at Alabama (CBS)
Kansas at Texas (Longhorn Network)

9:30 PM
Arizona at USC (ESPN)
Cal at Oregon (ESPN2)

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