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Iowa Football is perfect.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

I'VE BEEN AN IOWA FAN ALL OF MY LIFE. I'm 39 years old this September. When I was a small child my dad put a Herky the Hawk bird in my bedroom. The type of Herky you hang from your car's rearview mirror.

I was born into a Hawkeye family. My grandfather drove a semi-truck five days a week in the 1950s but on Saturdays would come and he'd hop in the car or on the train and make his way to Iowa City. When his son was old enough he brought him along. My dad was there for Iowa's 1950s glory days. He didn't drive a truck for a living but he made sure his son experienced Kinnick Stadium.

My first real memories start about 1985. I remember getting autographs from Hawkeye legends like Chuck Long and Ronnie Harmon at Iowa's annual spring game on that sloped astro turf. I remember Bo Jackson beating Long for the Heisman trophy. I also remember every Hawkeye thing ever since.

I spend my free time writing, talking and sharing with others the love of the Iowa Hawkeyes. But, this isn't about me. This is about us. This is the greatest football season we've experienced and yet there's still a road that lies ahead


WE'RE ALSO GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS IOWA TEAM AND THIS GAME. In time. They beat Nebraska on the road today. They're perfect.

Iowa did it with only 253 yards of offense and less than 100 yards passing. Jordan Canzeri was once again the MVP and carried his teammates to victory. Iowa's defense stepped to the plate and with a little help from Tommy Armstrong, Iowa won yet another game on the road in the Big Ten.

This is special and we'll jump into the Takeaway and the Vines and the recaps later. Tonight, let's dance.