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Back in the saddle.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Upsets reigned supreme yesterday at the Advocare Invitational -- Wichita State lost to USC and Monmouth scored a historic upset win over Notre Dame (their first-ever win over a ranked opponent). And, of course, Iowa dropped a close one against Dayton in the nightcap. As a result, we get the Iowa-Notre Dame were expecting/hoping to get... just not exactly the way we thought we'd get it. Despite losing to Monmouth (who appears to actually be pretty damn good this year and who may be able to make some upset noise come March), Notre Dame remains a very solid opponent. Iowa will have to play well -- better than they did against Dayton -- to get back on the winning path tonight.

The game tips off at 6 PM CT, with TV/streaming coverage from ESPN3.

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