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Higher and higher.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The new coaches poll is out and your 11-0 Iowa Hawkeyes just keep movin' on up in the world.  This week they're up three spots, from #6 to #3.  The Hawkeyes, one of just two undefeated teams left in the nation (along with Clemson), received one first-place vote.  Three previously undefeated teams lost yesterday -- Ohio State, Oklahoma State, and Houston.  The last time Iowa received a first-place vote was... uh, we're researching that.  But it's been a while.  A LONG while.

EDIT: Per Friend of the Pants Matt Benson, it's been 27 years since Iowa received a first place vote -- and a full 30 years (since that magical 1985 season when Iowa actually was ranked #1 for a spell) since Iowa received in-season first place votes.  Thanks, Matt!

EDIT2: The new AP Poll is out, and the media folks have Iowa at #3 as well:

The #3 ranking is the highest Iowa has been ranked in the Coaches Poll since the final regular season rankings in 2002, when 11-1 Iowa was ranked 3rd in the nation, behind undefeated Miami and Ohio State teams.  That team had already won a Big Ten Championship by that point and their season of course ended with a disappointing defeat against USC in the Orange Bowl.  This team still has several more games to go -- a minimum of three, as a matter of fact.  All of this team's goals -- some bigger than we ever imagined way back in the summer -- are still on the table.  Let's just enjoy the ride.

AP Coaches
1 Clemson (55) Clemson (58)
2 Alabama (6) Alabama (5)
3 Iowa Iowa (1)
4 Notre Dame Notre Dame
5 Oklahoma Oklahoma
6 Michigan State Michigan State
7 Baylor Baylor
8 Ohio State Ohio State
9 Oklahoma State Florida
10 Florida Oklahoma State
11 North Carolina North Carolina
12 Michigan Stanford (T-12)
13 Stanford Michigan (T-12)
14 Florida State Florida State
15 TCU Navy
16 Navy TCU
17 Northwestern Northwestern
18 Oregon Oregon
19 Ole Miss Ole Miss
20 Washington State Washington State
21 Houston Houston
22 UCLA Mississippi State
23 Mississippi State UCLA
24 Toledo Temple
25 Temple Utah

Go Iowa Awesome.