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The daylight is gone, but football is not.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It look a little bit longer than normal, but it finally happened: the Big Ten is out of night games.  (Well, until the Big Ten Championship Game in two weeks, anyway.)  The Big Ten is playing more and more night games, but they're still not playing night games the last few weeks of the regular season.  Which is perhaps not the worst idea, given some of the weather in Big Ten locales this weekend.

Big Ten Games

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
5 PM
Washington at Oregon State (Pac 12 Network)

6 PM
Navy at Tulsa (CBS Sports)
Georgia Southern at Georgia (ESPNU)

6:15 PM
Tennessee at Missouri (ESPN2)

6:30 PM
Baylor at Oklahoma State (FOX)
Charlotte at Kentucky (SEC Network)
Texas A&M at Vanderbilt (SEC Network)
Boston College vs Notre Dame (NBC Sports)

7 PM
TCU at Oklahoma (ABC)
Tulane at SMU (ESPNEWS)

9:30 PM
Cal at Stanford (ESPN)
San Diego State at UNLV (CBS Sports)

9:45 PM
Colorado at Washington State (ESPN2)

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