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Hawks > Eagles

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa's super-spectacular sports weekend comes to a close with this game, a Sunday afternoon encounter with Coppin State. As Pat already discussed, the Eagles are not good. Like, at all. They run at a blistering tempo, but they can't score and they can't defend. Which is something of a problem if you're trying to win basketball games, I'm told. KenPom rates them as the 340th best team in the country -- out of 351 teams. They are the worst team on Iowa's schedule -- by a fairly considerable margin (the next-worst team, Tennessee Tech, checks in at #283 in the KenPom rankings).

So, yeah, this should be a rout for the good guys. It should also be an opportunity for the newcomers to get extended minutes and hopefully improve their confidence and their comfort level -- they'll be needed to produce in games against strong opponents soon enough. Speaking of those stronger opponents, it's possible that Iowa could see a top 60 KenPom opponent in each of their next five games (depending on where Marquette ranks come Thursday and who Iowa sees in the Advocare International tournament later this month). Consider this the calm before the storm;

The game tips off at 4 PM CT on BTN. You should be able to listen to the game via TuneIn radio as well.

The usual rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no politics, no religion, no slurs, etc.

Go Hawks.