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This is not a good week for interesting Big Ten games.

"It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A."
"It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A."
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We've still got a few more hours to go 'til Iowa-Minnesota gets underway; luckily, there's also more football to watch 'til then!  Hooray!  The Big Ten games remain unappetizing, unless you think #CHAOSTEAM can finally claim a big win (or just a B1G win, period), although beating the Fightin' Harbaughs seems like a tall order for them.

Outside the Big Ten, there are games with playoff implications a plenty. Notre Dame, Clemson, and Oklahoma State probably won't lose their games this week -- they're playing Wake Forest, Syracuse, and Iowa State, respectively -- but you never know.  This is November, when college football gets good and crazy.  Losses by any of those teams would shake up the Playoff picture a bit.  The best chance for a big loss might be Alabama-Mississippi State; obviously the Tide are very, very good, but given a bit of letdown potential after last week's huge win over LSU, a tough Mississippi State team, and 60,000 MSU fans clanging their cowbells all afternoon, well... maybe?

Big Ten Games
Michigan at Indiana (ABC/ESPN2)
Nebraska at Rutgers (BTN)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
2 PM

Washington at Arizona State (Pac 12 Network)

2:30 PM
Alabama at Mississippi State (CBS)
Wake Forest at Notre Dame (NBC)
Clemson at Syracuse (ABC/ESPN2)
Oklahoma State at Iowa State (ESPN)
Kansas State at Texas Tech (FS1)
Miami (FL) at North Carolina (ESPNU)
SMU at Navy (CBS Sports)

3 PM
Kentucky at Vanderbilt (SEC Network)

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