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Let's see that again.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

IOWA GETS YET ANOTHER CONFERENCE ROAD WIN. Indiana's defense was bad. Very bad. And Iowa took advantage. Jacob Hillyer had a career day working mostly against a freshman corner. Akrum Wadley racked up over 10 yards per carry before leaving with an ankle thing. C.J. Beathard had all the time he wanted to find open receivers. But it wasn't just a matter of showing up.

Here's some fun.

Indiana's outside linebacker didn't know what was going on here. I think the assumption was Indiana would stack the box but we see right away they played off the line anticipating a balanced attack. Iowa went to the delayed hand off second play and Indiana's D didn't stand a chance. Top off the bad read with a bad angle. Wadley can scoot, though.

First quarter here, too. Indiana had that extra week to prepare and Iowa found something right away. Here, we see C.J. Beathard read the defense and make an audible at the line prior to snap. Or did he? Perhaps this was a dummy call at the LOS or Indiana thought they had the calls figured out. The play action sucked everyone in as they were coming down hill on the snap/call to stuff the run. Easy first down for Iowa.

Despite Indiana's ineptitude defensively, it was a masterful performance by #16. Watch the footwork to avoid the rush and the beautiful side arm bullet throw. Not a lot of players at the college level can do this. Enjoy it.

It wasn't always pretty.

We've spent a good amount of time using these posts to discuss The Edge. Here's a complete breakdown and by Iowa's best defensive player. Desmond King's job is to keep his outside shoulder clear and push this play back to the trailing defenders. He tried to get cute and it cost Iowa. He'll learn.


That one play.

Give Indiana credit, they didn't quit. With Iowa in need of a first down, Greg Davis/Brian Ferentz called this beaut. With a hobbled QB too. Lights out, 9-0.