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This weekend is going to be the biggest -- and busiest -- weekend in Iowa City in a long, long time.  From Friday through Sunday there are FIVE SIX (edit: d'oh) major sporting events going down.  The main event is of course Iowa football's primetime showdown with Minnesota on Saturday night-- a game now with much more on the line than just an opportunity to reclaim Floyd of Rosedale (although it would be an important game for that reason alone).  Aside from that, though, Iowa wrestling and Iowa men's and women's basketball all get officially underway this weekend.  The wrestlers might have the coolest event of the weekend, the outdoor Grapple on the Gridiron dual meet against Oklahoma State that's being staged in Kinnick Stadium on Saturday morning.  The basketball teams sandwich the football and wrestling events on Saturday with doubleheaders on Friday and Sunday.

To recap:


6 PM: WBB -- #23 Iowa vs North Dakota (Carver-Hawkeye Arena)

8:30 PM: MBB -- Iowa vs Gardner-Webb (Carver-Hawkeye Arena)


11 AM: WRESTLING -- Grapple on the Gridiron: #3 Iowa vs #1 Oklahoma State (Kinnick Stadium)

7 PM: FOOTBALL -- #5 Iowa vs Minnesota (Kinnick Stadium)


1 PM: WBB -- #23 Iowa vs Tennessee-Martin (Carver-Hawkeye Arena)

4 PM: MBB -- Iowa vs Coppin State (Carver-Hawkeye Arena)

That's a lot going on -- but it should be incredibly fun.  I know a lot of our readers and commenters will be in attendance at one or several of these events, which is fantastic.  I wish I could join you all (plans I made before I found out about Grapple on the Gridiron will have me elsewhere).  There won't be any sort of official BHGP get-together this weekend, but you're more than welcome to arrange any meet-ups that you would like -- obviously you all have at least one thing in common (GO IOWA AWESOME) and rumor has it a few of you enjoy adult beverages, too... To that end, feel free to use the comments in this thread to arrange any meet-ups or get-togethers for hoops, wrestling, or football.

This is also a great place for out-of-towners to ask questions about where to park, how to get to the stadium, what to eat (have you heard of Stella's?), or where to grab a drink.  I know there are a lot of local residents here, so they can certainly give lots of useful pointers.  (That said, as far as parking for wrestling goes, the university has provided this breakdown that you should check out.)

There have been a few good FanPosts about this topic already -- which you can find here and here -- but it seemed like it would be useful to have this information in a central location and more prominently displayed.  We'll make sure this post stays near the top of the home page through the weekend.

Go Hawks.