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You have to watch something until the Iowa game kicks off, right?

You will believe a lion can fly?
You will believe a lion can fly?
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Yet again, it's not exactly the most enticing-looking CFB line-up on paper (there are better-looking weekends coming -- honest!).  But sometimes unassuming weekends can provide some of the biggest thrills -- last weekend's similarly unassuming slate had a pair of upsets (see ya, Utah; adios, Florida State), a pair of 4OT games, and one crazy-ass ending (GT-FSU).  So you never know where excitement might be lurking.  And this is Halloween, so something weird is surely in the air somewhere.

The best-looking Big Ten game of the early slate is Illinois' trip to Penn State.  Illinois has been feistier than expected under Bill Cubit and if their pass rush can get to Christian Hackenberg, PSU could be in trouble on offense.  Then again, super-frosh Saquon Barkley may also be licking his chops at the chance to run on the Illini defense.  Nebraska-Purdue and Rutgers-Wisconsin are your other B1G options now, but we can only recommend checking on those if they remain close in the second half.

Outside the Big Ten, there's... well, not a lot.  Again, this isn't an exciting-looking week.  Maybe Auburn will tap into some craziness to add a spark to their game with Ole Miss.

All times CT.

Big Ten Games
11 AM
Illinois at Penn State (ESPN2)
Nebraska at Purdue (ESPNU)
Rutgers at Wisconsin (BTN)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
11 AM
Syracuse at Florida State (ABC)
Ole Miss at Auburn (ESPN)
UCF at Cincinnati (ESPNEWS)
South Carolina at Texas A&M (SEC Network)
USF at Navy (CBS Sports)

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