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Join us tomorrow for a metric crap-ton of basketball coverage. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

It's a busy time of year, we know.  There's an Iowa football team in the top 10, the World Series, the NFL, the English Premier League, probably a golf tournament somewhere to watch.  And that's not even counting less-important things like family and gainful employment.

It's a busy time for us, too.  We only have so much space that we can fill here in our storage unit on the information superhighway, and we want to give you as many C.J. Beathard fashion tips as we can.  But there's also another season just around the corner: In a matter of just three days, the Iowa Hawkeyes will take to the hardwood to face something called Sioux Falls in an exhibition game.  Two weeks later, there will be actual college basketball to watch.  And that's an amazing thing for a really interesting Iowa basketball team.

But how do we fit a bunch of basketball stuff into a news cycle desperate for football coverage?  How can we talk about Adam Woodbury gifs when there are Akrum Wadley gifs that you all want?  Whatever is a blog to do?

The answer is easy: Shut the whole damn football thing down for a day.  And so, on Tuesday, BHGP presents: THE PARQUET SPREAD. Twenty-four hours.  Twenty-four posts previewing Iowa basketball.  Player profiles.  Big Ten overviews.  A podcast!  The first post goes live at midnight, and 23 more will come every hour until we've covered every inch of this basketball season.  Non-stop, wall-to-wall hoops in a way we've never done, Midnight Madness-style, and then we can get back to Jordan Canzeri anagrams ("Ed, Czar or Ninja?")  If you don't like basketball, you're missing a whole four months of fun, but you can take the day off.  But if you like basketball, Tuesday is for you.

Hoopyball forever.  Go Iowa Awesome.