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The Big Ten race does something or other.

Mark Dantonio smiling remains one of nature's most unsettling sights.
Mark Dantonio smiling remains one of nature's most unsettling sights.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After having just one game in the 11 AM window, the Big Ten has three games at 2:30 PM because... reasons?  The most interesting game of those three from Iowa purposes is Wisconsin-Illinois.  Both teams have just one loss in Big Ten play (each from Iowa).  Wisconsin has the easier schedule going forward (and is the better team), so they're more likely to catch Iowa for the Big Ten lead.  But they're also the better win from a resume standpoint, so them winning would do Iowa favors in that regard.  So many factors to consider... Meanwhile, Indiana-Michigan State has very little impact on Iowa, but could be a fun game, consider the lackluster passing defenses of both teams (a very charitable description of Indiana's pass defense, to be sure).

Outside the friendly confines of the Big Ten, the best game looks like a potential point orgy between Texas Tech and Oklahoma.  If defense (and terrible offense) is more to your liking, give Vanderbilt-Missouri a taste.

Big Ten Games
2:30 PM
Indiana at Michigan State (ABC/ESPN2)
Penn State vs Maryland (ESPN)
Wisconsin at Illinois (BTN)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
2:30 PM
Tennessee at Alabama (CBS)
Texas Tech at Oklahoma (ABC/ESPN2)
Kansas at Oklahoma State (FS1)
Duke at Virginia Tech (ESPNU)

3 PM
Missouri at Vanderbilt (SEC Network)
Washington State at Arizona (Pac 12 Network)

3:30 PM
UConn at Cincinnati (CBS Sports)

The usual rules apply.