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Open thread for the evening CFB games.

Not enough mascots go crowd surfing.
Not enough mascots go crowd surfing.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The evening cometh and with it... not a lot of interesting games.  The only Big Ten game is Ohio State-Rutgers, which should be one-way traffic for the Buckeyes.  A&M-Ole Miss holds some promise -- although less after both teams lost last week.  Maybe watch Leonard Fournette try to run for #AllTheYards against Western Kentucky?  See if USC can spring an upset on mighty Utah? (That is a real and factual sentence that I just typed and it still feels weird.)

Big Ten Games
7 PM
Ohio State at Rutgers A(BC)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
6 PM
Texas A&M at Ole Miss (ESPN)
Florida State at Georgia Tech (ESPN2)
Western Kentucky at LSU (ESPNU)

6:30 PM
Utah at USC (FOX)
Kentucky at Mississippi State (SEC Network)

9:15 PM
Wyoming at Boise State (ESPN2)

9:30 PM
Washington at Stanford (ESPN)
Colorado at Oregon State (Pac 12 Network)

The usual rules apply.