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Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

As if Iowa's injury problems on offense couldn't get any worse, they suffered another serious blow on that side of the ball in the first quarter of today's game against Northwestern -- Jordan Canzeri landed awkwardly after a short run when he was sandwiched between two Northwestern defenders.  Canzeri stayed down on the ground and punched the turf.

Canzeri had to be helped off the field and he put NO pressure on his left leg as he was leaving.  He was almost immediately taken to a cart and sent to the locker room.  There hasn't been any word yet on the severity of his injury, but it did not look good.  At best, it looked like it could be a pretty serious ankle sprain.  At worse, it could be a broken ankle. Either way, Canzeri won't be back on the field today.  We'll have to wait and see what his prognosis is for the rest of the season.  He did return to the sideline with his foot in a large boot.

On the bright side, Akrum Wadley came in for Jordan Canzeri and scored on a 35-yard touchdown run on one of his first carries of the game.  With Canzeri out and LeShun Daniels, Jr. still limited, Iowa is going to need Wadley and Derrick Mitchell, Jr. to shoulder the load at running back.

Iowa leads Northwestern 9-0 early in the second quarter.