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Kirk Ferentz talks the state of his team heading into Saturday's game at Northwestern.

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FERENTZ SPEAKS. The most pressing issues addressed in this week's press conference from Kirk Ferentz is the injury news. Ross covered most of that last night. There's a transcript (and video) of the event. I'll summarize bullet style:

  • Northwestern is going to be a big challenge, excellent on defense, well coached etc.
  • Akrum Wadley and Derrick Mitchell are healthy and will need to spell Jordan Canzeri
  • Parker Hesse played "every snap" against a good Pitt team
  • Injuries mean several guys are practicing at several spots, James Daniels is one example
  • Realistic time-frame on Jake Duzey is after the bye week
There's certainly more. Here's this dandy quote:

Q. C.J. said during the game that he didn't even know who was playing offensive line.
COACH FERENTZ: Probably better off that way. If he thought about it, it might have unnerved him a little bit.

WHAT ABOUT jNW? Inside jNW has much coverage, just like your beloved SBNation Hawkeye blog. Here's some reading to get caught up on the kitties. One, the new depth chart that doesn't list top corner Matt Harris. He suffered facial fractures from a knee the head against Michigan. Two, here's some breakdown of third down failures against the Wolverines. Finally, some more concern about the offense and linebackers. It's not all Rosy this week but it never usually is after a 38-0 loss.



TYLER SASH'S AUTOPSY RESULTS. It was ruled an accidental overdose that killed Tyler Sash at a very too young age of 27. Sash gave his body to do what he loved. He paid for it with numerous injury and surgeries. A "mixed drug toxicity involving methadone and hydrocodone" is on the Iowa Department of Health's report. His brain will go for study for CTE. The results from that study are expected to take 12 months or more.

KNOW WHAT'S FUNNY? If Iowa were losing games, I'd be so pissed about this. Really. I'd bitch and bitch. But, right now I'm like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯