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iT'S NOT A RUMAAAH (except it totally is)

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors swirled on the interwebs Monday that Iowa QB C.J. Beathard was dealing with an injury of some sort.  One particularly persistent strain of the rumor said that Beathard was suffering from a sports hernia and would need surgery.  That was a disturbing possibility; with all the injuries Iowa has sustained recently, they could ill afford to lose Beathard, their most important player, for several weeks.

Fortunately, Tuesday was the day that some Iowa players were made available to media, including Beathard.  So we can get an update straight from the horse's mouth about his health:

The key quotes, per Morehouse:

"A lot of guys come up banged up after games," said Beathard, who completed 15 of 31 for 200 yards and two TDs against Illinois. "It's a matter of getting better and getting treatment and getting ready for the next game."

Beathard suffered an injury to his left hip during the Pitt game on Sept. 19. He was asked Tuesday if this is a lingering issue.

"No, it's just every game certain guys with tweaks and stuff," Beathard said. "It's nothing serious."

On how much he feels he needs to practice to feel comfortable in a game, Beathard said, "I feel like my position is such a mental game," he said. "I know I can throw the ball fine and do all that stuff. Any week of the season, mentally is the hardest part of the quarterback, practicing mentally and watching film."

Beathard's family has a football heritage. He knew a "percentage" question was coming and he deftly sidestepped it.

"Right now, I'm positive I'll play," he said.

The sports hernia surgery was a rogue wave he had to deal with a little on Monday night.

"I had some friends contact me," Beathard said. "I don't know where they heard that from."

Beathard is definitely banged up.  I'd guess he's not going to do too much in practice this week.  Hopefully he won't be too limited on the field on Saturday. On the bright side, the rumor about a sports hernia seems to be bunk, which is very good news.  A protracted Beathard absence could definitely submarine this wonderful season.

So C.J. should be available for this weekend's big game with Northwestern.  Unfortunately, the news wasn't as good for several other injured Hawkeyes:

So that's going to be fun.  Welcome to the big time, Parker Hesse, Jerminic Smith, Cole Croston, and James Daniels.