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We have no idea what's going on, but we can play some BINGO anyway!

Kirk Ferentz meets with the media today in what we imagine will be a press conference completely devoid of any news, so let's have some fun.

KF Presser Bingo

Things that could actually be discussed:

  • Coaching changes: For the 12th consecutive offseason, there isn't a peep about Iowa losing any assistants to other programs, but Kirk could clean house.  Typically he waits on any moves until after Signing Day, but maybe he's learned from the Greg Davis Experience that that might not be the best idea.
  • Transfers: Obviously, rumors have circled a handful of guys, some more obvious than others.  If there are any personnel issues, they might be addressed now so that potential recruits better know the lay of the land.
  • Taxslayer recap: It was a horror show, but it's what you sort of expect when a coach holds a press conference during an otherwise dead zone.  Could he really want to wrap up that mess of a season?  Why not!
  • Why he made and released a new depth chart 240 days before his team's next game: He won't answer this, but it's going to be asked!
  • Denials: This sort of feels like January 2011, where there were so many rumors swirling around the program that Ferentz had no choice but to hold a press conference and, by virtue of his silence, shoot them all down.
Let's play some BINGO!


Bingo Final