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The pick 'em standings you've been waiting for.

The BHGP College Football Pick 'Em contest is back and with it comes the weekly(ish) updated with the standings, so you can gloat about how brilliant your predictions are or lament how terrible you are at picking winners against spreads.  The first few weeks have been relatively easy with all of the "big team vs. overmatched underdog" games, although correctly predicting which big teams will win by enough to cover the often-gaudy spreads has been tricky. (Although if you just took the points against every Big Ten team so far, you'd probably be doing alright.)

We have nearly 200 contestants this year and our leader through the first two legs of competition is the wonderfully-named Scherff Wax America with 46 points.  Genghis518 and You Can't SEC Me are just behind that entry, with 44 points.  (And a five-knuckle fistbump to You Can't SEC Me for combining references to WWE and college football in one entry name.  Unless it's a shout-out to the Securities and Exchange Commission, that is.)

And lest we forget our weekly honorees: kudos to HowManyPicksCanPeterPekarPick for the high score in Week 1 (24) and to Genghis518 in Week 2 (27).  Well done, folks.

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The full standings are available here.

Don't forget to make your picks for this week (Week 3) -- the first game is Baylor @ Buffalo at 7 PM Central on Friday.