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Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a debacle of a half.  The offense has moved the ball well at times, but converting those drives into points... well, that's been a bit harder.  Marshall Koehn is 1/3 on field goals (all under 40 yards).  Iowa had one touchdown on a 38-yard bomb from CJ Beathard to Damond Powell, but the catch was overturned on video replay.  Ball State has also missed a field goal, but other than that the Iowa defense has done a solid job of keeping them away from the end zone.  Ball State's only touchdown (their first-ever against Iowa) came on a fumble recovery off a jet sweep.

That play looked like it was going to be even more costly for Iowa when Brandon Scherff went down with a right knee injury at the end of the play, but Iowa appears to have dodged a bullet on that front -- after a trip back to the locker room, Scherff returned to the sideline and got back onto the field.  Not that his return -- or absence -- has meant much to Iowa's running game, which remains largely MIA this week -- just 24 yards on 15 carries.

Let's hope the offense gets things figured out in the second half.

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