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So this is where all the good games got off to...

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how crummy the early set of games was today?  Well, that's because almost all the interesting games were crammed into primetime.  The headliner is certainly Michigan State-Oregon, with Sparty braving Autzen Stadium and matching their merciless defense against Oregon's warp-speed offense.  If that game gets out of hand, Michigan-Notre Dame looks like a suitably entertaining back-up plan -- in recent years, this series has produced some absolutely gonzo finishes, so if it's a close game in the fourth quarter, stop what you're doing and flip to NBC.

Meanwhile, if you start getting the shakes because you're watching B1G football that doesn't involve shaky offenses and plenty of red hot punting action, flip on over to Ohio State-Virginia Tech.  There's high potential for some bad offense in that game.  Outside of the games involving B1G teams, the best bet of the night looks like BYU-Texas; BYU bulldozed Texas last year, while Texas is just trying to find enough healthy, non-suspended guys to field a team at this point.  Should be fun!  And there's even a host of late-night games tonight, so we really can watch football 'til the break of dawn (or near enough).

BIG Games (all times Central)

Michigan State at Oregon (5:30 pm, FOX)
Michigan at Notre Dame (6:30 pm, NBC)
Virginia Tech at Ohio State (7 pm, ESPN)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues (all times Central)

San Jose State at Auburn (6 pm, ESPN2)
East Carolina at South Carolina (6 pm, ESPNU)
Arizona State at New Mexico (6 pm, CBS Sports)
BYU at Texas (6:30 pm, Fox Sports 1)
Lamar at Texas A&M (6:30 pm, SEC Network)
Sam Houston State at LSU (6:30 pm, SEC Network)
San Diego State at North Carolina (7 pm, ESPNEWS)

Memphis at UCLA (9 pm, Pac-12 Network)
Colorado State at Boise State (9:15 pm, ESPN2)
Air Force at Wyoming (9:15 pm, ESPNU
Oregon State at Hawaii (9:30 pm, CBS Sports)
Texas Tech at UTEP (10 pm, Fox Sports 1)

The usual rules apply.