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Win or lose, we still booze.

Matthew Holst

FOR THE THIRD WEEK IN A ROW. Iowa hosted a football game in Iowa City. And for the third week in a row, the number of people arrested in Iowa City grew. We started with three in week one and hit 20 today. Thanks to the UI Department of Safety, we have the report.


PAULA Citations: 8
Public Urination Citations: 0
Open Container in Public Citations: 12
Public Consumption of Liquor: 0


20 - total arrests
5 - signed out from the holding cell
13 - transported from the holding cell to jail
2- transported directly to the jail


Happel, Jeffrey Paul, 50 of Cedar Rapids, IA for Criminal Mischief 2nd at Lot 43 at 1257 hours. Happel asked another tailgating party to turn down their music. A witness said Happel purposely poured beer on the keyboard of a laptop. Happel said it was an accident.

Tebrink, Austin Dean, 21 of Ankeny, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium, Gate A at 1415 hours. Tebrink was stumbling towards officers. Tebrink could not put a dollar bill in his wallet. Tebrink had several chances to leave without getting arrested. Tebrink wanted to talk to the officer about his level of intoxication. Tebrink blew .198 PBT

Trimble, Aubrey Marie, 25 of DeWitt, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium, Gate D at 1454 hours. Trimble was trying to enter the stadium. Trimble had difficulty standing up and was swaying while standing. Trimble had slurred speech and admitted drinking. Trimble blew .273 PBT.

Bonifaz, Jan Kirshnam, 18 of Iowa City, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1531 hours. Bonifaz was found in the stands falling asleep. Bonifaz had poor balance, slurred speech and smelled strongly of ingested alcohol. Bonifaz blew .184 PBT.

Kempf, Aaron Marcus, 19 of Olds, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1529 hours. Kempf was pointed out by fans as being intoxicated. Kempf admitted drinking and falling in a creek. Kempf admitted not knowing where he was and sitting in someone else's seat. Kempf was covered in mud. Kempf refused PBT.

Hughes, Aaron D, 41 of Omaha, NE for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1558 hours. Officer was approached by a fan stating Hughes was being belligerent and cursing at others. Hughes admitted drinking and swearing at fans. Hughes blew .197 PBT.

Schug, Adam Clark, 38 of Cedar Rapids, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1644 hours. Schug was passed out in bathroom after vomiting. Schug had a strong odor of alcohol. Schug admitted drinking. Schug was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. Schug refused PBT.