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We're 27 hours from kickoff. What better time to get meta?

More than five years ago, we recorded our first podcast, with The Gazette's Marc Morehouse (@marcmorehouse) as the guest. Since then, he's started his own podcast, Iowa's gone up and down and back up again, and Adam and I have moved approximately 47 times. But every August, we get back together with Mas Casa to prepare for the season.

Today's episode is a bit different than normal. Rather than the usual depth charting and rampant speculation, we delve deeper into Iowa football: The philosophy of the program, the positives and negatives of Kirk Ferentz, the inability to defend a fake punt or onside kick, the nature of Iowa's offense, and the meaning of it all. We also do some depth chart/personnel stuff, because it's there and we're curious. The show closes with a brief aside on the field hockey situation, so you can shut it down then if you're not interested or don't want to hear any spoilers SPOILER ALERT Gary Barta's not reinstating anyone.

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It's that easy, and it's free, and you're driving somewhere this weekend and don't need to listen to The Best of Sting again, right?