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We wrap our tour of teams we probably won't see this year with Michigan, Rutgers, and Penn State.

We finish up our tour of the Big Ten East with a rare three-part podcast.  First, we are joined by Joshua Henschke (@JoshuaHenschke) of SB Nation Michigan site Maize n' Brew to talk about the Wolverines.  Next, it's On the Banks managing editor Kevin Recio (@KevRecio) to discuss our newest Big Ten brethren, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.  We wrap things up with Dan Vecellio (@djvecellio) and Bill DiFilippio (@bflip33) of Black Shoe Diaries, who help us check in on Penn State.  You can also catch Bill at College Spun.

As for the sound, here is what happened: My laptop started having a power issue last week, so I did what any red-blooded American would do.  I bought a new one.  Unfortunately, my mic didn't get properly calibrated for the first round of podcast calls, so it sounds like the questions are coming in from a submarine.  Don't worry, for I am fine, and by the Penn State call we have improved from "Charlie Brown's dad" to something borderline comprehensible.  Just listen to the answers, which are not mucked up by my stupidity, and make up your own question.  What I'm saying is it's like Jeopardy.

To listen, click 'Play' on the player below, head over to the Podbean site, or subscribe on iTunes by searching for 'Black Heart Gold Podcast' and selecting the version with the GO IOWA AWESOME logo you see above.

Finally, a scheduling note: Next week is the annual preview with Marc Morehouse.  Due to schedule conflicts, we are not going to be able to record until Thursday night.  That means a Friday morning podcast perfectly suited for your drive to Iowa City but later than usual, and we appreciate your patience.  We might make it a double podcast week if we can land a second guest.