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Let's make Jacobi ride a horse. And build a hospital. But mostly make Jacobi ride a horse.

For the fifth consecutive year, BHGP is proud to announce that we have partnered with Iowa Touchdowns for Kids, the football-centric donation drive for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network.  As longtime readers know, TD4K raises funds that go directly, completely, and unreservedly to building the new UI Children's Hospital, directly across the street from Kinnick Stadium.

Ground broke on construction last summer (not without a little fun for the current patients) and the new 14-story wing plans to open in 2016, complete with a top floor that looks into the stadium so that patients can watch Iowa football.  It also gives doctors and nurses a state-of-the-art hospital made exclusively for kids, something that the UI Children's Hospital has never had before.

Black Heart Gold Pants has been involved with Touchdowns for Kids since its inception, and it shows: To date, the BHGP community has contributed a whopping $53,716 to the Children's Hospital, including $11,680 last season after a late assist from Buffalo Wild Wings.  Thirty-seven cents of every dollar brought in by TD4K last season came from a Friend of the Pants.  That's insane, and it's all because you guys come back, year after year, to help out.

The premise is simple: Make a per-touchdown donation to TD4K.  Iowa scores touchdowns.  Iowa wins games.  The hospital gets money.  You feel good.  Everyone wins.  You can also make a one-time donation if you prefer.  BHGP does not collect or handle any of the money involved whatsoever, and we receive nothing but good karma for our involvement.  Furthermore, every dime you pledge goes straight to building UI Children's Hospital.  It's not used on administrative expenses; it's used on cement and glass and hospital beds and children's books and toys.  Period.

Last year, we were able to donate $292 per score to UI Children's Hospital, which is right in line with what we've done in the past.  This year, though, we want to obliterate the record, and we have just the incentive to make it happen:


You read that right: If the BHGP community collectively donates $400 per touchdown for the 2014 season, BHGP founder and noted horse hater Adam Jacobi will get extremely -- I'll even say uncomfortably -- close to one of our equine friends.  We will even get a live feed of the event ready so that the entire world can take part.  And the entire world will want to take part, because Jacobi's horsist behavior is deplorable and we all love a good comeuppance.

UPDATE: Hey, this is Jacobi. I've already begun making side deals. Just FYI.

We have embedded the donation page below -- if it doesn't work for you, CLICK THIS LINK -- so it's really simple.  Just enter your information, pick a donation level, click the box for "Black Heart Gold Pants Blog" and leave the rest to Greg Davis.  Touchdowns for Kids will email you an invoice at the end of the season.  We will post the annual Braggin' Thread in FanPosts later today, where you can tell everyone how much you donated.  Go Iowa Children's Hospital Awesome.