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Oh, England...

Jamie Squire

The heavyweight showdown today is between Uruguay and England, who are fighting to stay alive in their group after suffering losses in their first matches here.  England lost to Italy in the Amazon, while Uruguay got bushwhacked by Costa Rica.  And to add even more intrigue to the proceedings, Uruguay's controversial striker, Luis Suarez (who plays professionally in England's Premier League and has a bitter relationship with the English press and fans), is expected to make his return in this game.

Colombia-Ivory Coast pits two teams who won their opening games, while Japan-Greece see the two teams that lost to those teams squaring off.


Colombia v. Ivory Coast (11 AM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Adrian Healey & Alejandro Moreno)
Uruguay v. England (2 PM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Ian Darke & Steve McManaman)
Japan v. Greece (5 PM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Daniel Mann & Efan Ekoku)

The usual rules apply.