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Spain v. Chile: DO OR DIE

Clive Rose

The reigning World Cup champions got humiliated in their first game of the competition, enduring a 5-1 BEATEMDOWN at the hands of the Dutch.  Up next?  A must-win game against a tricky Chile side.  Good luck, La Roja... you're gonna need it.

In other action, the Dutch will attempt to consolidate their hold of Group B by taking on an Australia team that is not very good at all.  And in the late game, Cameroon and Croatia try to rebound from losses in their opening matches.  Another loss will see their hopes of making it out of the group be extinguished, while a win would give them a fighting chance to make it out.


Australia v. The Netherlands (11 AM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Jon Champion & Stewart Robson)
Spain v. Chile (2 PM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Ian Darke & Steve McManaman)
Cameroon v. Croatia (5 PM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Derek Rae & Kasey Keller)

The usual rules apply.