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One more day...

Srdjan Stevanovic

OK, the glow of the World Cup has worn off; now we're just getting antsy for the U.S. to start playing.  Alas, we still have another day to go on that front -- they don't kick off against Ghana until 5 PM CT on Monday afternoon.

But there are another three games to help pass the time 'til then, highlighted by Leo Messi getting drawn into a handicap match against Bosnia AND Herzegovina.  Hardly seems fair, but then again he is the four-time FIFA Player of the Year... Before that, we've got Switzerland-Ecuador and France-Honduras, so... yeah.  Look, they can't all be winners.


Switzerland v. Ecuador (11 AM CT, ABC and Watch ABC, Adrian Healey & Alejandro Moreno)
France v. Honduras (2 PM CT, ABC and Watch ABC, Daniel Mann & Kasey Keller)
Argentina v. Bosnia & Herzegovina (5 PM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Derek Rae & Roberto Martinez)

The usual rules apply.