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The Canaries versus The Table Cloths

Christopher Lee

Hey!  It's that time again.  Every four years, the world goes nuts about soccer and the World Cup.  BHGP is not immune to futbol fever, either, and we know plenty of our readers aren't either, so here's a thread to discuss the games.  We'll do for each day's set of games.  If you are immune to soccer's charms -- hey, that's fine.  We'll try to have plenty of other non-soccer posts up as well for you to amuse yourself with.

If you want to get up to speed on the teams in the World Cup, Bruins Nation has a handy primer (Part 1 and Part 2), while EDSBS has Hatin' Ass Spurrier previewing the teams.  Meanwhile, Land Grant Holy Land imagined what it might look like if you transplanted the World Cup format to college football (GO DWAGS).  Meanwhile, the SB Nation mothership has a glossary, some interesting, math-based predictions, and this very lovely preview feature.


Brazil v. Croatia (3 PM CT, ESPN and WatchESPN, Ian Darke & Steve McManaman)

The usual rules apply.