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Apparently you can't hide from police behind a tree.

In happier days.
In happier days.
Doug Pensinger

So, we didn't really expect to read about Tyler Sash getting arrested today, but... here we are. Per KCCI, Sash was arrested early Saturday morning for general moped- and alcohol-related idiocy:

Sash, 25, took off on a scooter and was followed by police. At one point, Sash ditched the scooter and ran away on foot.

He was found hiding behind a tree in a back yard and refused repeated orders to come out, police said.

Sash was Tazed by officers and taken into custody after resisting getting handcuffs on. He refused a field sobriety test, but admitted to having six drinks in one hour, police said.

That's one count of public intox and one more for interference with official acts. Andy Garman has the mugshot here, and it's basically "Antonio Cesaro but still with hair." As it's always been.

Look: this arrest is potentially really, really funny. We already made a "dash of sash" joke in the title, after all. It's also potentially unsettling if it's indicative of bigger problems, and you can't exactly rule that out. Sash may be a doofus at times, but he's our doofus, and we would prefer that this be just an isolated incident, a bump in the road to dominating the seasoned salt and spice market for decades to come. C'mon, buddy. Let's stop hiding behind trees and get it together.