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Four teams left.

Stephen Dunn

Just three more games to go -- two more tonight and one more Monday night.  Live from beneath the biggest TV screen in the world, it's time for the Final Four!

Can UConn or Wisconsin prevent an all-SEC championship game?  Does Bo Ryan's deal with the devil have a few wins left in it?  Does Shabazz Napier still have a little more magic left in him?  Will those plucky young McDonald's All-Americans from Kentucky keep their hot shooting form?  We'll find out soon.

There's an interesting twist with the broadcasts for this game, though.  TBS has the regular national feed for both games, with Jim Nantz, Steve Kerr, etc.  But TruTV and TNT will also be broadcasting the game... with a twist: each network will have a more slanted, or team-specific for the game.  So for the first game, TNT has a Florida-centric feed, while TruTV has a UConn-centric feed.  Could be interesting.  More info here.


#7 UConn vs. #1 Florida, 5 PM CT

TBS: regular national feed
TruTV: UConn
TNT: Florida


#2 Wisconsin vs. #8 Kentucky, approximately 7:30 PM CT

TBS: regular national feed
TruTV: Wisconsin
TNT: Kentucky

The usual rules apply.