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There was another weekly press conference. We learn from Iowa's running back and wide receivers coaches about Iowa's young players.

Matthew Holst

ANOTHER WEEK OF SPRING FOOTBALL. ANOTHER PRESS CONFERENCE WITH IOWA ASSISTANTS. Marc Morehouse has video of both Chris White and Bobby Kennedy from yesterday. Here's also the transcript of both. I'll summarize below these videos.

SUMMARY. There's a lot of good stuff here (this also includes notes from Kirk Ferentz and Brandon Scherff who participated in the Big Ten teleconference).

  • KF: Scherff would have been a first round pick this year in the 20s
  • KF never saw Scherff's sophomore game film in which he played QB
  • KF thinks Scherff could throw the ball 80 yards (he's obviously Uncle Rico)
  • KF: Spring is about teaching and evaluating
  • KF: Rudock is healthy
  • KF: Both QBs are performing better than last year
  • KF: They're working on getting faster with no-huddle tempo
  • CW: Last year was the most enjoyable year after 25 years of coaching
  • CW: Ferentz has a lot of trust in his assistants
  • CW: Felt Connor Kornbrath needed pushed and Kidd is doing that
  • CW: Akrum Wadley and Jonathan Parker are different backs, speedy and agile
  • CW: Wadley had wrist surgery following last season and has missed some time
  • CW: Barkley Hill is healthy and had a nice scrimmage last Saturday
  • CW: LeShun Daniels worked on flexibility and transforming his body
  • CW: "We probably wore Mark Weisman out a little bit (last year)"
  • CW: Weisman didn't practice much last year after the Michigan State game
  • CW: Daniels "is really coming along"
  • CW: They're trying to figure out how to work the younger guys in
  • CW: They felt pass protection was a concern for Jordan Canzeri but he's worked hard to fix that
  • CW: Canzeri is instinctually the best back Iowa has
  • CW: Damon Bullock is a running back but they're trying to get him isolated in space (on 3rd downs)
  • CW: Wadley, Parker and Damond Powell will get a shot at kickoff return
  • CW: Marshall Koehn needs to work on consistency but has a strong leg
  • BK: Derek Mitchell, Andre Harris and Matt VandeBerg have done a nice job this spring
  • BK: Derrick Willies has shown significant improvement
  • BK: Iowa's red-shirt class of wide receivers can "change the face of the program"
  • BK: Trying to make Powell a complete receiver and not a guy that just goes deep
  • BK: Gets favorable feedback from recruits on Iowa's Pro Style offense
  • BK: Tevaun Smith should have a bigger role
  • BK: Jacob Hillyer is under appreciated
  • BK: Willies will play X receiver because they like him one-on-one on the outside
  • BK: Mitchell and VandeBerg are slot receivers
  • BK: Kevonte Martin-Manley is a relentless worker
  • BK: The sky is the limit for Andre Harris
  • BK: They see WR as a six-man rotation

And there's certainly more. That may be the most bullets from one press conference and those guys gave us a lot. Make sure to read the whole thing.

ALSO, GERRY DINARDO ATTENDED IOWA'S PRACTICE YESTERDAY. The Big Ten crew is making the rounds on their spring football tour. Iowa held another practice yesterday, here's some pics. Also, here's some of the things DiNardo had to say about Iowa's practice. (click to embiggen)



HAWK BASEBALL NOTCHES ANOTHER WINNER. The Hawks complete the sweep over Kansas. Here's the highlights: