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Christian Petersen

A few weeks ago, BHGP discovered that Buffalo Wild Wings was secretly broadcasting footage of Iowa's 2006 last-second NCAA tournament loss to Northwestern State as part of a commercial. As a result, we did what we always do: We launched a MANCOTT.

And then something funny happened: It caught fire on social media, and the days after the declaration of MANCOTT were some of the highest-traffic days BHGP has ever seen. It did not go unnoticed.

On Thursday, BHGP diplomats met with officials from Buffalo Wild Wings to resolve the standoff.

Iconbhgp_medium Thanks for meeting with us, Buffalo Wild Wings commercial guy.

Bww_guy_medium I'm glad to be here and hope to resolve our differences like adults: Over beers and wings.

Iconbhgp_medium While your mango habs are totes delish, we cannot break the MANCOTT until our demands have been met.

Bww_guy_medium What did you have in mind?

Iconbhgp_medium We want you to rename the company Black Heart Gold Wild Wings.

Bww_guy_medium No.

Iconbhgp_medium We want you to replace the Iowa-Northwestern State footage in the commercial with Iowa State-Hampton from 2001

Bww_guy_medium No.

Iconbhgp_medium Wisconsin-Ole Miss from last year.

Bww_guy_medium No.

Iconbhgp_medium The Daniel Murray kick?

Bww_guy_medium That's not even the right sport.

Iconbhgp_medium We want you to add a chocolate dipping sauce.

Bww_guy_medium No.

Iconbhgp_medium Chocolate-covered fried pickles.

Bww_guy_medium No.

Iconbhgp_medium Chocolate habanero wings.

Bww_guy_medium We already have a chocolate stout in our beer selection.


Bww_guy_medium What else do you want?

Iconbhgp_medium Are you sure we can't rename the restaurant Black Heart Gold Wild --

Bww_guy_medium Let's cut to the chase. When was the last time Iowa made the NCAA Tournament?

Iconbhgp_medium Um, it

Bww_guy_medium /watches commercial

Bww_guy_medium Oh. Oh no. Really?

Iconbhgp_medium Yyyyyyyeah.

Bww_guy_medium Ooh, sorry about that.

Bww_guy_medium OK, so how about we do this: We'll guarantee that every game Iowa plays in the NCAA Tournament will be on television at Buffalo Wild Wings. We'll have 22 different flavors of wings and 50 different beers available, and we'll do our best to make sure they're all available quickly the next time you guys suffer another soul-crushing loss.

Iconbhgp_medium We'll probably be there Sunday, then.

Bww_guy_medium And, just to make sure there's no hard feelings, we'll make a $10 PER TOUCHDOWN DONATION TO IOWA TOUCHDOWNS FOR KIDS FOR THE 2013 SEASON on behalf of the BHGP community.

Iconbhgp_medium Man, we really wanted those chocolate wings...

Bww_guy_medium You can bring your own chocolate sauce.

Iconbhgp_medium OK, deal.

And, with that, the Mancott comes to a close. Buffalo Wild Wings is donating $10 per touchdown for last season to University of Iowa Children's Hospital, and we're not going to turn down a chance to get our good friends $420 closer to building a hospital (speaking of which, you can always click the story and donate to the cause).

Thanks to Mike Hlas for noticing the commercial. Thanks to everyone who shared the story. And thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings, which showed a remarkable ability to take a joke.

And Thank God the Mancott is over. Those mango habs really are awesome.