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Hoops? We got hoops.

Do horses belong on basketball courts?  DISCUSS.
Do horses belong on basketball courts? DISCUSS.
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A year from now, the Big Ten Tournament will be a day old; the addition the Rutgers and Maryland is going to add an extra round to the festivities and things will get underway on Wednesday, instead of Thursday.  (The top four teams will essentially get a double-bye, while the teams seeded 5-10 will get a single bye and sit out the Wednesday games.)  If you want to get an idea of what the tournament will look like, take a peek at the SEC bracket this year.

But that's next year.  In terms of this year, we've got the same old format: the top four teams (Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and -- sigh -- Nebrasketball) got byes and are sitting out today, while everyone else is in action.  Here's the bracket and here's what's on tap:

(all times Central)

11 AM: #8 Indiana vs. #9 Illinois (BTN)
1:30 PM: #5 Ohio State vs. #12 Purdue (BTN)
5:30 PM: #7 Minnesota vs. #10 Penn State (ESPN2)
7:30 PM: #6 Iowa vs. #11 Northwestern (ESPN2)

And, of course, we'll have a separate game thread for Iowa-jNW, too.

There's a slew of other conference tournament action on today, too, with all the big boy conferences getting into the action.

ACC Tournament
11 AM: Maryland vs. Florida State (ESPN)
1 PM: Pittsburgh vs. Wake Forest (ESPN)
5:30 PM: NC State vs. Miami (ESPN)
8:00 PM: Clemson vs. Georgia Tech (ESPN)

Big East Tournament
11 AM: Villanova vs. Seton Hall (FS1)
1:30 PM: St. John's vs. Providence (FS1)
6:00 PM: Creighton vs. DePaul (FS1)
8:30 PM: Xavier vs. Marquette (FS1)

Atlantic 10 Tournament
11 AM: La Salle vs. St. Bonaventure (NBC Sports)
1:30 PM: Dayton vs. Fordham (NBC Sports)
5:30 PM: Richmond vs. Duquesne (NBC Sports)
8:00 PM: UMass vs. Rhode Island (NBC Sports)

Big 12 Tournament
11 AM: Iowa State vs. Kansas State (ESPN2)
1:30 PM: Kansas vs. Oklahoma State (ESPN2)
6:00 PM: Oklahoma vs. Baylor (check local listings)
8:30 PM: Texas vs. West Virginia (check local listings)

American Tournament
12 PM: Houston vs. SMU (ESPNU)
2 PM: Louisville vs. Rutgers (ESPNU)
6 PM: Cincinnati vs. UCF (ESPNU)
8 PM: Memphis vs. UConn (ESPNU)

SEC Tournament
12 PM: Missouri vs. Texas A&M (check local listings)
2 PM: Arkansas vs. South Carolina (check local listings)
6 PM: LSU vs. Alabama (check local listings)
8 PM: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State (check local listings)

Mtn West Tournament
2 PM: San Diego State vs. Utah State (CBS Sports)
4:30 PM: UNLV vs. Wyoming (CBS Sports)
8:00 PM: New Mexico vs. Fresno State (CBS Sports)
10:30 PM: Nevada vs. Boise State (CBS Sports)

Pac 12 Tournament
2 PM: Arizona vs. Utah (Pac 12 Network)
4:30 PM: Cal vs. Colorado (Pac 12 Network)
8:00 PM: UCLA vs. Oregon (Pac 12 Network)
10:30 PM: Arizona State vs. Stanford (Pac 12 Network)

What do you think about all that hoops action, Tom Crean?

Yeah, I thought so.

The usual rules apply.