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We knew we'd get this game played eventually...

"I'm Mike G and I get respect"
"I'm Mike G and I get respect"
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

When this game was originally scheduled to be played, Iowa was riding pretty high -- they had whooped Michigan recently, had a two-game winning streak, and had a solid grasp on the #3 seed in the Big Ten Tournament -- and an outside shout at the Big Ten regular season championship. Alas, a lot has changed in the last nine days -- and none of it has been good. Iowa's dropped two in a row -- to Wisconsin and Minnesota -- and finds themselves alone in 5th place in the Big Ten, dreams of a regular season Big Ten title dead and buried.

This game is no longer an opportunity to consolidate their success -- it's an opportunity to reverse course on the recent bad juju that's befallen the Iowa hoops team and end this unpleasant mini-losing streak. And it's a chance to beat Indiana -- that's always fun.

The game is on ESPN at 8 PM CT.

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