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Top Ten Overheard Abodunrin Olaseni Quotes: With British to English Translations

Iowa's back-up center has peppered his talk with some distinct Britishism. So we've tried to unpack some overheard quotes and translate them into some gash darn American vernacular.

"I fancy the daft bird with the cracking front bits behind the bench meself?"
"I fancy the daft bird with the cracking front bits behind the bench meself?"
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You probably know that Iowa center, Abodunrin Olaseni, known informally as "Gabe" among his ethnocentric American fans, is from London, England and that his sibling’s names are Folasade, Bamidele and Baderinna. You probably also know that he calls french fries "chips" and sausage "bangers." And, you almost certainly know he wears a top hat at every away game, has pale skin and a really large Adam’s apple.

If you haven't had the good fortune of entering into a conversation with Abodunrin then you're missing out on some delightful Britishisms. So we've compiled a list of our 10 favorite Abodunrin quotes overheard but not fully understood by those who think aluminum is the same as aluminium, with translations of course. Enjoy!

10. "I had serious collywobbles when Fran called me name." – Overheard in his debut as a Hawkeye.

Translation: I almost shit myself when Fran subbed me for Woodshire.

9. "Bring some bloody plonk to me flat, okay mate? We'll go on the piss later on." – Overheard cell phone conversation with Zach McCabe.

Translation: Bring some damn hooch to my dorm, farmboy. I wanna get unsober before we rage.

8. "Even if I find meself knackered it don’t stop me from rumpy pumpy." – Overheard at Brothers.

Translation: I’m never too tired for coitus.

7. "I fancy that Ryan bloke as a wazzock, but all these hooligans are a bit gobby if you ask me." –Overheard his first time playing in the Kohl Center.

Translation: Fuck you Bo and your cheesehead sycophants.

6. "Rubbish. We have a fizzy and chin wag nearly every fortnight." – Overheard in response to someone suggesting he doesn’t like Adam Woodbury.

Translation: Bullshit. We talk over a Bubble Up, at minimum, twice a month.

5. "Be mindful of the apples & pears mate." – Overheard getting off a bus.

Translation: Don’t trip going down those stairs, chief.

4. "Well, bloody hell! Chinese whispers and all!" – Overheard explaining why he doesn't like talking to the media that much.

Translation: Get a clue. They press loves to circumvents the truth of what we actually say.

3. "Jimmy riddle. Up market in there, is she?" – Overheard at the resort restaurant in the Bahamas.

Translation: I gotta piss. Please tell me the toilets are clean.

2. "Gobshite! The dog’s bollocks and then a total cock up. But, I'm chuffed to Bob's your uncle." – Overheard during a drop step drill in practice.

Translation: Fuckety fuck. One minute I'm a lottery pick who can change the fortunes of a franchise, the next minute I'm Bismack Biyombo. But, it’s all good, so there you go.

1. "When I said that you are like a stream of bat's piss, I only meant that you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around it is dark." – Overheard telling Northwestern center Alex Olah during a timeout.

Translation: When I said you suck, I didn't mean anything by it.