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Black Heart Gold Podcast 131: Slow States Podcast 17

I would not give you false hope on this strange and mournful day, but the Slow States Podcast reunion is only a click away.

Since we didn't play Penn State in football this year and we are finally playing them in basketball Saturday, Adam and Pat got together with a couple of old friends: Chris Grovich (@pancakecatapult) and Kevin Powers (@thefolkist), editors emeritus at Black Shoe Diariesbeer-and-Wilco afficionados at Slow States, and current first-ballot Big Ten Blog Hall of Fame inductees. That is, if they had such a thing.

We discuss Penn State basketball. When that subject matter is exhausted four minutes later, we move onto the current state of PSU football, one of the conference's most interesting current topics.

To listen, head over to the Podbean page or subscribe on iTunes (search for Black Heart Gold Podcast, and choose the version with the Go Iowa Awesome logo you see above).  Also, follow @BHGPodcast on Twitter for early updates on podcast happenings.  Podcappenings, we call them.  We'll never call them that again.