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The postseason takes shape.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

After a Championship Saturday that was remarkably chaos-free (the only underdog to win was Ohio State and they were only an underdog because Cardale Jones was a mystery; SPOILER ALERT: he's pretty good), now it's time for the College Football Playoff Selection Committee to get down to business.  They're in charge of ranking the final four teams for the playoffs and ALSO setting the match-ups for the other "Access" bowls (the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Peach Bowl), although there are various rules and considerations they have to take into account with those bowls as well.

Who's in?  Who's out?  We'll find out soon.  Oregon and Alabama seem like locks and so too is Florida State, probably. They've looked like butt a lot this season, but they're also the only undefeated major conference team and it's hard to see the Selection Committee pushing that aside.  That leaves one spot for three main contenders: TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State.  TCU is nominally the clubhouse leader, having been ranked #3 in the most recent Selection Committee Top 25 poll.  Baylor has a head-to-head win over that same TCU team.  And Ohio State dropped a 59-0 bomb on Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game to decisively answer any questions about their quality with Jones at QB.

But even though all the chatter figures to be PLAYOFF PLAYOFF PLAYOFF and WHO'S LEFT OUT, WHO GOT SCREWED, WHO DESERVES TO BE #4 and so on, there are still a zillion other bowl match-ups to announce, including Iowa's postseason destination for 2014.  Jerry Palm seems to think it's going to be Santa Clara, for a throwdown with Stanford in the Foster Farms Bowl. The most likely destinations for Iowa appear to be that bowl (played on December 30), the TaxSlayer Bowl (played in Jacksonville on January 2), and the Music City Bowl (played in Nashville on December 30).  Both the TaxSlayer and Music City Bowls would feature SEC teams as opponents. Or maybe we're in for a curveball -- SB Nation has Iowa slotted in the Fast Lane Bowl in Detroit (against North Carolina).

The College Football Playoff Selection Show begins on ESPN at 11:30 AM Central.