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North Carolina was a steak dinner. This is dessert.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UMBC is bad. How bad? Per KenPom, they are actually worse than Longwood, who Iowa trounced 77-44 a week ago.

In other words, we can probably expect to see plenty of Dom Uhl, Peter Jok, and Trey Dickerson in this game. And a lot of the Bench Mob.

The game tips off at 12:07 PM Central and is televised on Mediacom 22 (in Iowa) and BTN2Go* (everywhere else).

*Hawkeye Sports says the game is on BTN Plus, but the BTN2Go website lists the game, too; I trust BTN a bit more than Hawkeye Sports on this matter, but don't shoot the messenger if the game is on BTN Plus after all.

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