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Picks, picks, and more picks.

The regular season is done, but there are still some college football games to pick and pick them we shall.

The BHGP Bowl Pick 'Em is set up over at Yahoo.

GROUP NAME: BHGP Bowl Pick 'Em 2014
GROUP ID#: 15895
PASSWORD: hawkeye

There are no spreads with the picks (that wasn't an option, unfortunately), but the game does utilize CONFIDENCE POINTS, so make sure to factor that in accordingly when making your picks.  In other words, if you really think Alabama is going to smoke Ohio State, be sure to put 30+ points on the Tide.  If you have no idea who to pick between, say, Toledo and Arkansas State, you probably want to put very few confidence points on that one.  And so on.

The bowl games begin THIS SATURDAY with five (!) games, so be sure to get your picks in.  You can still alter picks (and confidence point values) for games that have not yet been played even after the bowl season begins.

I don't believe there's a limit on the number of people who can join the group, but if the group does fill up, please post a note in the comments here or contact me via Twitter (@RossWB) or email ( and I'll set up another group.

As far as prizes... TBD.

Join the bowl-picking fun!

* * *

Meanwhile, I should also provide a (very) belated update on the regular season College Football Pick 'Em contest, which concluded a few weeks ago.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest this season.  As far as the overall winner... well, there wasn't just one winner.  We had a tie.  Congrats to Genghis518 and Hawkeyezfan, who each got 177 picks correct over the course of the season.  Well done!  To claim your fabulous prize, send me an email (see above) and we'll sort out the details.

We almost had an even bigger logjam at the top of the standings, though -- two other entries (Good News or Money and Scherff Wax America) finished just a point back, with 176 correct picks.  The final top 50 (and ties) are listed below and you can see the full standings here.


And finally, just a shoutout to the pickers who earned top honors each week...

Week 10: 14 correct picks -- GoHawksQBs
Week 11: 16 correct picks -- Western Washington Hawkeye
Week 12: 13 correct picks -- lizsicle
Week 13: 19 correct picks -- Q & A with Quinton Alston
Week 14: 15 correct picks -- Revenge of the Nerd and Genghis518
Week 15: 7 correct picks -- Beck, ReisnaPowaPicks, BullockFamilyWinery, I Shot the Scherff

Thanks again to everyone who participated.