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This week's influenza influenced college football game previews includes Farmageddon, two big time SEC games, Mikey Mania in Evanston, and, sadly, The Game.

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The Hybrid is a weekly preview of every Big Ten game, plus relevant or whimsy games from the national slate.

I got a very extreme case of the flu yesterday, so if at any point this column randomly stops, just assume I'm writhing in pain on a bathroom floor.





TCU (5) at Texas: This game seems weird.

LSU at Texas A&M: This one also looks odd with neither ranked.


Western Kentucky at Marshall (24): Marshall continues to stay unbeaten, only I keep forgetting to notice. Remember when I was gonna post that "not honoring/disgracing" picture from the "We Are Marshall" trailer every week until they lost? Let's get that back on track right now.

Marshall Honor


Nebraska at Iowa: No read on this game whatsoever. Ironically, when I went to look up the spread just now, they had nothing listed, either. We're... prolly underdogs, right?

Stanford at UCLA (8): Feels like UCLA has about zero playoff buzz. But they do qualify for this week's edition of "Is This Racist?"

Arizona State (13) at Arizona (11): Not completely clear if RichRod makes the PAC-12 title game or not if 'Zona wins this game.


Michigan at Ohio State (6): The Game. And Michigan is a three touchdown 'dog. As an M fan, it's a weird spot. You never want to root 'for' Ohio State, but winning this game makes it at least a 1% discussion to keep Hoke. Because then they'd be bowl eligible and--ah, what am I saying? They're gonna get pasted.

Also, check out this great troll from my Timehop last week. This me bottoming out during The Game, five years ago.

Georgia Tech (16) at Georgia (9): Is Georgia still lingering?

South Carolina at Clemson (21): My man Clemson Tom has been talking so much shit going into this game. His confidence is fun, but I just don't get how one could act like that when they've lost the last, like, half decade's worth of games to the 'Cocks. He even got into as social media feud with the SC kicker. He's nuts.

Illinois at Northwestern: Ho hum:

Mikey Mania

Our man is now leading the nation in receiving yards for all freshmen. And with Illinois -- somehow -- playing for a bowl game, the game occurring less than an hour from my apartment, and ticket prices at sub-$20 bucks, I really might have to go to this shit. It taking place during The Game is just a bonus.

On the Northwestern side, hopefully the Wildcats prepare for Mikey better than they prepare for drinking Gatorade.

Purdue at Indiana: Cheapest tickets for this game are $33 right now. Do the people of Indiana know something we don't?

Utah (25) at Colorado: Our Utes got lit up by RichRod last week, falling 42-10. But they're still ranked, and playing 2-9 Colorado should be just what the doctor ordered in getting to eight wins and above .500 in the PAC-12.

Florida at Florida State (3): Do y'all really care about the Winston-pushing-the-ref scandal? I watched that a few times, and it wasn't like he was tryin' to kill the guy.

Also, did anyone else see the post about the Florida A&M band do the Kermit-drinking-tea formation? Braxton Miller would be so proud.

Mississippi State (4) at Ole Miss (19): Game of the Week. Mississippi State has about everything at stake, and Ole Miss has a prime chance to be spoiler. But don't take my word for it; I think this Vine sums up the statewide excitement level even better than words can:

Baylor (7) vs. Texas Tech: Meh.

Michigan State (10) at Penn State: Seems kinda cool on paper, but Penn State is in no way equipped to battle the Spartan defense.

Minnesota (18) at Wisconsin (14): Jerry Kill has a chance to make the Big Ten title game. For real. Meanwhile, are you kidding me, Melvin Gordon?

Still can't believe that Oklahoma RB broke his single game rushing record just one week later, though.

Notre Dame at USC: Nope.

Rutgers at Maryland: The rivalry!!! I play in a Big Ten only college fantasy football league (it's awful), and last week was the semi-finals, where one victorious team advanced to the finals by winning their game by one point. Their starting QB? Gary Nova. His point total? One point! That's right, Nova "swung" a fantasy playoff game and will be starting for a finals team. Completely logical.

Also, do you realize both of these teams are already bowl eligible?

Kansas at Kansas State (12): Just in case you're wondering what it'd be like to watch me pick the ball up off the ground in a real life college football game...

Auburn (15) at Alabama (1): I had a dream earlier this week that Gus Malzahn had a sex tape scandal. Take that and do what you will with it.

Oregon (2) at Oregon State: Kinda feels like Oregon -- outside of the Marcus Heisman buzz -- has been flying under-the-radar the last few weeks. That's probably because they've only played one (currently) ranked team in their last five games. But make no mistake, if anyone is going to challenge 'Bama for the national title, it's these Ducks.

Related: cool catch!

Washington at Washington State: Apple Cup! Not having The Limiter for this one hurts, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited to see how Luke Falk asserts himself.

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Wrapping It Up...

Happy Thanksgiving, BHGP.

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