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Lets go bowling.

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Matthew Holst

JUST AS WE ALL FIGURED. Let's get right to the tape.

JAKE RUDOCK HAD THE BEST GAME OF HIS CAREER. Rudock found Kevonte Martin-Manley, Tevaun Smith and Matt VandeBerg down field with regularity yesterday. Iowa finally put an entire game together and beat an opponent soundly.

THERE WAS THIS AKRUM WADLEY GUY. Iowa hadn't had a rusher run the ball for over 100 yards on the season prior to Northwestern. Akrum Wadley in his first career game as a Hawkeye changed that yesterday. Wadley, who needed to get his grades in order the first half of the semester, provided the burst Iowa needed to compliment Weisman's ramming style. Wadley looked to be third or fourth on the running back depth chart in April but when the season began it was assumed Jonathan Parker had just moved ahead of him. His grade issue had never been brought up before last week. Wadley and Parker are roommates. I think it's obvious they've watched too much Goodfellas.

IOWA'S CHICAGO GUYS HAD A DAY. Mark Weisman played his high school football at Stevenson High School, about 30 minutes away from Evanston. This was his last crack at his local Big Ten option. He put three touchdowns on the board and could have a chance at Iowa single-season and all-time running back records (but more on that at another time).

Another Chicago guy, Louis Trinca-Pasat, was told his test scores weren't good enough to enroll at Northwestern. As we found out yesterday, you don't want to be on LTP's bad side. He, like Weisman, attended high school about 25 minutes away from Evanston. He, like Weisman, was getting his last crack at the Purple Cats. LTP recorded three sacks against jNW bringing his season total to 8.5.

TEVAUN SMITH CLARIFIES. I mean, it was one Facebook post but after Derrick Willies abruptly decides to quit the team every little Hawkeye peep becomes a burning ash falling through the sky. Smith said something about "next." He didn't mean who's leaving next but rather who's the next man in.

POST GAME VIDEO STUFF. Marc Morehouse has several videos of Kirk Ferentz and players immediately following the game. Here's Kirk Ferentz. In part one of the player interviews we hear from new celebrity Akrum Wadley. Part two is Brandon Scherff, Drew Ott and Travis Perry who got the start at middle linebacker. Part three is Mark Weisman, Quinton Alston and Tevaun Smith. Finally, part four includes Jake Rudock, LTP and another player that had a great game, John Lowdermilk.